Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spiritual Spinach

My dear friend T. and I were talking today about the way God allows us to grow through circumstance. There are times, it seems, when what's put before us is a bit unpleasant to swallow....much like spinach.

Like Popeye's muscles popped when he ate his cans of spinach, the strength of our faith is increased when we down our Spiritual Spinach.

I found myself calling T. this afternoon and asking her to pray for me. I am feeling a great lack of charity where I have no right to--and yet, there it is. Here's the rub: I know that I am called to charity, especially toward this person in particular....and I am having to convict my heart in it.

Spiritual Spinach.


It's done. The Second Dresser, which if you recall, was a staggering seven dollars. I finished it the other day, and added the new hardware. My Darling was kind enough to place the vanity top on it, and I perched the faucet in place.

The results:


I am so pleased!


Jenni said...

That is GORGEOUS! Well done!!

hf52771 said...

I am jealous!

And remember, EAT YOUR SPINACH!!!!!!!!!!! You don't want to be lying in a PURSE with your name on the marquee (flashing lights and all!) wishing you had layed off the "junk food" and eaten more spinach! (LOL! You KNOW what I'm talkin' 'bout!"

acv said...

"Spiritual spinach!" I like the phrase and the concept. Not fun, per se, but beneficial for long-term growth. Thanks too for sharing a shot of your dresser-become-sink; it's a creative (and beautiful)way to give something old a new "life."

Maria Therese said...

You do beautiful work!

I really enjoyed my visit to your blog. I read with interest that you have endometriosis too, but you were blessed with several children.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary June 16th. We are both in our forties (I will be 43 on Aug. 2nd and husband will be 45 at the end of July). We have been trying to conceive for almost two years now. I was diagnosed with endometriosis stage four in Feb. 2008. I had two surgeries so far. I have been told that due to my age and endometriosis my chances are low to fair to be able to conceive. I am trying not to give up hope. I love to pray the rosary every day, which gives me much comfort and peace. But sometimes I feel very sad and discouraged. My heart and arms ache to have a child of my own. I want to be a Mommy so much.

Could you please pray for us to be blessed with a child? Thank you so much! You and your family are in my prayers!

May God Bless you!

Maria Therese In Mass