Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just for a laugh!

I thought perhaps we could all do with a laugh...some lighter fare, so to speak. So in addition to my previous post leading one to stand upon one's head, I offer this: I hereby submit this as my entry into Jenni's You Tickle Me contest!

These questions were posed by Jenni, and I cannot refuse. The questions are posed in black; I shall answer in red.

1. Who can make you laugh the hardest (someone you personally know)? That's a toss-up. I have many friends with highly comedic senses of humor. At any given moment, with any given friend, I may be prone to fits of laughter raucous enough to send me running for the loo whilst grasping for my trusty hanky. I've also been known to expel root beer from my nose. And yes, it is as painful as it sounds.

2. Who has the most contagious laugh (of those you know personally)? This would be my Pickle Boy. Though he claims to be (and I can back it up with paper-proof) an eleven-year-old-boy, the man-child can giggle at least as well as an entire room full of third grade little girls. When he laughs, everyone laughs. It cannot be helped. Put that boy before Bugs Bunny (won't let me embed...), and you're a goner. (And now that I go over and re-read Jenni's answers, I see our minds--and apparently our boys!--are eerily similar...)

3. What is the funniest movie you’ve ever seen? Well, I will admit to pausing Napoleon Dynamite for a full ten minutes.........But I'll also agree with Jenni's video answer to the next question. Hilarious moment in the history of comedy flicks.

4. Who is your favorite comedian? See, I don't really have a technical favorite. I memorized Bill Cosby routines from my Mom's records when I was a kid. I guess I'd have to pick Bill Engvall. Real-life funny stuff I can totally relate to. Does that mean I'm a redneck? Or just blue-collar? Man, I hope it doesn't mean I'm a dork-fish....

5. What’s the funniest cartoon you’ve ever seen? Chip'n'Dale. "It's a duck! With a big fanny!" Saw it at a slumber party in like second grade. Laughed so hard I had to borrow pajamas. Still remember it, many years later....

6. What’s your favorite comic strip? Mutts! But since my local paper doesn't carry it anymore, I have become hooked on Cul de Sac.

7. What’s your favorite joke? Knock knock. Who's there? Rude, interruptive cow. Rude, interrup--MOO!

8. Here’s a link to something that will make you laugh: The Gallery of Regrettable Foods. Peruse with a lot of time...and after you've used the loo.....

9. What was the last thing you laughed at so hard you cried? My friend, Mama Midwife, was telling me about her Little Flower. Little Flower is my Goddaughter, and dearly precious to me. She is a shy little thing, and quite succinct when she speaks. At times, she says the goofiest things, and can really throw her listeners for a loop. So the other day, my dear Goddaughter her pants. As her Mama prepared to remove the diaper, she said, "Little Flower, did you poop?" And the Little Flower replied, as Little Flowers are wont to do, "Holy crap!"

Cried, and peed.

10. Got a funny photo? Show me! We call this one "Bucket'O'Monkey"....

There you have it.

What makes you laugh?


Jenni said...

Loved the DD clip...and I usually HATE DD! Must have been the chipmunks making him bearable...

Once at dinnertime when we were kids my brother decided to "see if applesauce could come out your nose". It can. And it's extremely painful, as he tells it.

Enjoyed the Dork Fish clip as well! Going to check out the GORF...Thanks for enlarging my comedic horizons!!

fuzzytop said...

I had forgotten how funny Bill Engvall is!

And I love the photo at the top of your site - it looks like where I live in Tennessee...