Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Current Project

This is the dresser we found at the yard sale--the one for seven dollars. It was in pretty rough condition--the top drawers were pretty loose; one of them was literally falling apart. My Darling has already cut the top to fit the sink we've chosen, which is this, paired with this faucet.

Here you see the frame, empty and sanded, with the top removed, and the two top drawer faces nailed into place.

Doesn't look like much, does it? Hang on a bit. Remember all that goes into refinishing a piece!

Here's a glimpse at what's to come--the top drawer face has been brushed with one coat of polyurethane, and the bottom is the raw wood:


And now we see both drawers, side by side, sporting their first coats:


I did have to find new hardware for this dresser, as the original parts were pretty beaten up. Let's leave that as a bit of a surprise, though, and the pictures will be posted just as soon as I'm finished with it. I'm going out in just a bit to sand and apply the second coat of finish.....give me a few days, for Pete's sake, and the results will be astonishing!

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