Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Celebratory Hundredth

...entry, that is.

I love that when I began this endeavor a little over a year ago, I had no idea that it would be so therapeutic, such a wonderful place for me to come to iron out my thoughts and find order in the things swirling about in my heart. Thanks for sticking with me.


OK! Alright! Pictures it is! BUT FIRST!

Consider this: We found a vanity for the smaller bathroom, which will be "the kids' bathroom," but also the laundry room. Yes, the washer and dryer will be upstairs--where they belong, if you ask me--and I will be much happier for it! So vanity shopping went on, and I absolutely, positively settled. I settled because I liked the finish...I didn't particularly care much for the piece itself, but I figured I would just work around that. Hey, some things take time to grow on a person, and I thought perhaps this could be the case.

So, My Darling lugged the thing onto a cart and out to the van. I tried not to sigh too loudly. I probably failed miserably.

When we arrived at home, My Darling opened the package to inspect the parts, and lo! Behold! A crack in the top! Oh, woe is us--we'll have to take the blasted thing back! Uh, that is, rats. We'll have to take it back. What a shame. (Come on, I'm trying really hard to sound upset. Work with me.)

"Darling," says I, "I'd really like to go back to the second hand store and see if we can find another dresser. Something a bit smaller, perhaps less ornate. Similar style, I think."

"We can look," says he, "though that really was a lucky find."

I do not believe in luck. I believe in Providence.

As we headed into town, we discussed our options. I promised My Darling that if I didn't find something worthy at the second hand store, I would find something I liked at the home improvement store. As we turned from the county hiway onto the state road, I noticed that the farm on the corner was having a yard sale.

Now, I love a good yard sale. I absolutely long for garage sale season all winter long. It's truly pitiful, and no help for it. As we rounded the corner, I saw it.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? It's a dresser! Baby! STOP THE VAN, for Pete's sake!!"

It was smaller. Not quite as fancy. Similar style. Perfect. It was marked seven dollars. Seven dollars!

We loaded it up, giddy with our find, and took it home. It currently resides in the bedroom (the new yet-to-be-finished one, where I work on these things), and I've already applied the goop to remove the finish twice. This one has a long way to go.


By popular demand filling up my inbox, here are some before pictures of the Original Dresser:

The whole thing:

Close-up of the old fashioned stencil on the middle drawer:

Top drawer hardware:

Bottom drawers' hardware and corner detail/leg:

Inside the bottom drawer:

And inside the top drawer--with a spiffy little built-in pocket cup!

Finally, here I am applying the first coat of goop. The Frog is somewhat visible, as well:
As soon as I can manage, I shall post the "after" pictures--as well as pictures of the new dresser. (We seem to have misplaced the camera...) The work here took place beginning in the Family Closet, which is quite spacious, but also holds things like the tile for the bathrooms, the doors for the bedroom, lots of insulation, and all of the light and plumbing fixtures. We soon moved The Dresser into the much larger bedroom, where there is ample room to maneuver and plenty of light to work.

More to come........................................


Heather said...

LOVE the dresser! Congrats on your 100th post.

Jenni said...

SEVEN dollars??!! Wow, that is an amazing find...I love the little details like the pocket cup. What character that piece has! I can't wait to see after pics.

Congrats on the 100th post!