Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blogger has changed things since my last venture this way.  I have, too.


I've decided that I'm not going to finish writing about my birth experience with my little Gingersnap.  She is beloved, precious to me, and gives me cause to smile every day.  I've thought and prayed and processed over and over the things that happened after her birth, and though I may change my mind in the future, for now I'm going to just move past it.  It was traumatic and transformative, and that's enough for now.  I am well, my health is good, and it's been a long road...but God is endlessly good.  I thank you for your patience and your prayers, and always know that when someone asks me for prayer, I do remember and pray for them as well.


Things are moving forward at a pace around here!!  We have a bank inspector coming this week to see the nearly-complete addition!  We've all been busy, and my projects are mounting.  I've been thrift shopping, recovering, refinishing, sewing, stuffing, and painting.

My Darling is hanging drywall today.  The Pantry Room is the last room which needs finishing, and it's getting the attention it's been needing at last.  Eventually, the floor will be tiled, there will be a row of cupboards (on a narrow wall, so we're using upper cabinets on a pedestal) with counter top against one wall, and a large closet-style pantry cupboard against the opposite wall.  The room will be our entry room, but will no longer be where we hang jackets and shuck boots.  That's what the Mud Room is for!!

The Master Bedroom has been completely painted; light fixtures have been installed, and subfloor has been laid.  We're waiting to make the final decision about flooring...the walls are a delicious suede-chocolate brown on the bottom, and a beautiful elegant blue on the top, with a white chair rail around to divide them.  The light fixtures have an oil-rubbed bronze finish, and I'm going to have to replace the door hardware.  The French doors we have for the bedroom were from the Habitat for Humanity Restore--they were a bargain for $200!  They are 15-light doors in a beautiful maple, with the gorgeous grain of the wood showing through the protective coat of polyurethane.  The hardware on the doors, though, is in a brushed nickle, and the door does not latch.  They were initially installed in an office, and I think they were not intended to close securely. So anyway, when we replace the hardware with the same finish as the lights, we'll get them to close, too.

My projects for the bedroom have included reupholstering a chair and a little bench, spray painting the frames of some mismatched mirrors for one wall, and refinishing the top that was taken out of the dresser which is now the vanity in the laundry room/bathroom.

Oh!!  The laundry room!!  Good heavens, it's pretty!  It's a truly pleasant place to do laundry, thanks be to God!  We did not go all-out with the size of it, but we have made it work beautifully for our needs.  Because it's upstairs, and just 'round the corner from the family closet, there is plenty of room to work getting things folded and put away.  And because My Darling is my builder, I've been able to customize every little bit about it all.

I need to shoot over to the photobucket site and upload my pictures this week.  I also have a bunch of sewing to do, and I need to finish the trim on the chair that I reupholstered.  I wanted to make an effort to get over here, though, and to say that I'll be back again very soon.  I know this has kind of been all over the place--I apologize.  There's been a lot going on, and I'll get it all sorted in a jiffy.


Thanks again for dropping in to read, for your prayers, and for leaving comments.  :)