Friday, June 5, 2009

First Friday

Today marked the last observance of First Friday for the year celebrated by our home school group. It's nearly the end of the school year--we'll have a Mass and party/picnic later in the month to formally end our year together.

I've posted about First Friday before, and about the wonderful times we have gathering with friends. It's generally something planned mid-week or so, with a few families coming together to share a meal. This time we decided to invite our dear priest, Fr. B. to join our family at our home. We called our dear friend Mama Midwife, and our dear friend N. as well, and their families came along, and so we were blessed to have all four of our Godchildren with us.

What a joyful time we had! The kids milled about the yard, climbed trees, hung out on the swings, messed around in dirt, and generally goofed off. We dined on grilled chicken and potatoes, fresh cantaloupe, cherries and baby carrots, and--because it was here and it is so very delicious--some beef stroganoff! Mama Midwife brought some tea, so we also had some freshly brewed iced tea, in which we floated juicy slices of lemon. It's probably OK that I didn't have a dessert prepared...we were all so stuffed, for Pete's sake, it might just have gone to waste.

It's always a wonderful time bringing our priests into our home. I love that our children are so very comfortable with them, telling them their stories and wanting them to sit in on their games. And as an added bonus, I heard tell that Fr. B. climbed up onto the scaffolding! I wasn't out there, so I'm not sure what happened, but the kids were chattering about it. I told Fr. B. the only way that could possibly be cooler would have been if he had done it in his cassock. :)


For any readers interested in All Things Catholic--and you know who you are!--consider hopping over to Fr. B's Blog. Leave him an encouraging comment or two, and we may see him posting more often!


MamaMidwife said...

My dear,

What became of the tea?

laurazim said...

Oh SURE! Torture me about the tea, why don't you! *sigh* I have no clue. The next day we have without rain, I intend to empty my gigantic van of everything not bolted down, for Pete's sake, and hope to high sweet heaven that I find that blasted tea.

Peh. Tea. All for tea!

MamaMidwife said...

No Silly, the iced tea. Although now that you mention it....where is that darn blue box?

Fr. Brian Dulli said...

Thanks for having me over. I pray for St. Joseph to help with the building project.