Thursday, June 25, 2009

By golly, it's just been too darn hot.

Too hot to do much but sit, breathe, and take the occasional sip of my favorite beverage--water with lemon wedges. I'm particular about my water. I like it cold, but not with ice. I like three lemon wedges, squeezed into the glass, thunked into the bottom, and then the water on top. Filtered. From the fridge door. And then, upon refilling, I like one lemon wedge added to what's already there, squeezed, thunked, filled. Repeat. Repeat.

Then, when there are too many lemon wedges to leave room for much water, I dump the peels into the garbage disposal and run it with super hot water. Freshens up the disposal, makes the kitchen smell yummy, and makes room in my glass for more lemon water.


When it's this bloody hot, there's just not much energy. We have three window air conditioners, one of which is on its last leg. Many fans are blowing in all different directions, doing their best to distribute what cool, dry air we can muster with our artifact, museum-worthy window units, which isn't much.

Delicious on a day like this? Watermelon. Hot dogs. Especially hot dogs with tomato wedges, diced vidalia onion, ketchup and celery salt. Oh, trust me. Try it--you'll like it.

Also delicious? The three pounds of fresh strawberries, picked by the Yoder family and sent via my dear friend Mama Midwife.

Kathryn remains in the hospital. It's probably ok, because in this heat, surely one so pure would just plain melt.

Keep praying.

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hf52771 said...

Still praying for Kathryn.....and for you, so you don't melt..being made from sugar and spice and all -dontcha know!?