Monday, May 12, 2008

Things I love....

*My sweet Lord Jesus, without whom I cannot even draw breath.

*Having four children and one husband pile onto the bed to "wake me up," even though I'd already been awake and smelling pancakes...and wishing me a Happy Mother's Day!

*Being crowned with a dandelion crown as "Queen of the Z Family."

*Arriving at Mass yesterday and hearing a wind ensemble...oboe, flute, bassoon, a few strings, perhaps a clarinet--or maybe it was an English horn? What a treat for Pentecost!

*Warm enough weather that it's warmer outside the house than in.

*Curling up on my lovely swing for a snooze in the sunshine. I may not be a cat, but I can nap just as well as one, for Pete's sake.

*Realizing yesterday that at ten weeks, I am closer to seeing this quarter of the way done...25%.

*Slipping into the cold side of the bed, and inching my way closer to my Darling's toasty warm side.

*Going to the library and finding really old Thomas videos that my little Monkey hasn't seen yet.

*Finding fresh strawberries on sale at the grocery store.

*Anticipating making Mexican Chicken Soup, as seen on Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa...mmmmmmmmmmmmm.........

*Nap time.

*Bubble baths.

*My grandma.

*Knowing that all of these treasures don't even compare even a smidge to what's in store in heaven..................

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