Monday, April 14, 2008

Let the Sunshine In

Finally, a morning when the huge east-facing windows in my kitchen are allowing the room to be flooded with sunlight! It's been rainy, cloudy, and generally depressing around here for weeks on end. This sunshine is long overdue and most welcome, for Pete's sake.

This morning, because of the sunshine, it was so easy to get up that I didn't even bother looking at the clock to see if I could squeeze in a few more minutes before my Fr. E.-prescribed time of 6:30. Getting up was a joy--all the better to soak up the beautiful light streaming in! Then there's the forecast for the week--60's and 70's, thank you! I must admit, this warmth will make it tricky to adhere to my May 15th planting limit. I've had beautiful, healthy seedlings turn black overnight because of a late frost, and so I abide by the rule offered in my favorite series of books: "Do not plant until May 15th!" Bonus if you know the series. Double bonus if you know the author. Extra double bonus if you know the main character's name. nauseum. For Pete's sake.

Yesterday while helping my Darling with some construction, I was blessed by the sight of dark red buds on the maple tree in the back yard, along with the sound of a male cardinal calling to his sweetheart. I love spring! Late spring is my Official Favorite Season, when it's predictably warm and sunny, with little light green leaves covering the lately barren branches, and bursts of purple and yellow heralding the blossoming of violets and dandelions all over the yard. (I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't mind the occasional dandelion--but don't bring them in the house, for they induce massive bouts of sneezing!)

Ah, spring....the promise of new life, the fulfillment of the quiet waiting of winter, the affirmation of patience. What a great blessing it will be for the kids to take their school books out to the glass-topped table or the big cushioned swing. What a thrill it will be to replace mulch in the flower beds, to turn the compost and work it into the garden, to pull last year's late blooms and find new, green shoots in their wake!

I love being pregnant in the spring. With my Frog and Pickle both arriving in early spring, I had no idea what a joy it could be. My Reepicheep being a Thanksgiving bird, I found that spring makes for a lovely time of's certainly conducive to daydreaming, and there's something so lovely about planting and gently encouraging new growth in the garden, all the while becoming more and more aware of the new life within. What an awesome gift!

Now about that Battle with the Bug....I'm growing weary of this business, and this weekend even began nearly wishing that Major Pukey would make his appearance already and be done with it. (I did say nearly, for Pete's sake.) Unfortunately, I also know that when Major Pukey makes his initial appearance, he does so with the Nausea Bug trumpeting his arrival, several porters toting his luggage, and a small cart of inflatable furniture. Thus, he gives notice of his Intent to Occupy--however temporarily--and that is just not a welcome prospect. But I *sigh* and know that this too shall pass. And I can keep in perspective that this is one small ingredient in the most joyful outcome.......and this knowledge allows me to lightly sweep the Bug and his annoying companion, the Major, into a dark corner to plot their evil deeds.

Rats. I think the Major is beginning his march.....I hope the front lines are ready.


Jenni said...

I always prefer Major Pukey, personally. I'd rather ACTUALLY throw up than just FEEL like I'm going to throw up constantly. But I'm a freak, as we know...

I hope neither the Major NOR the Bug stay much longer!

Heather said...

That would be Hessie Mayhew, a character in The Mitford Years series by Jan Karon!