Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finding the Blessings

Today is definitely an off day. I kind of knew it would be, even before I got out of bed this morning. I ended up getting up at about 6:35....not bad, but not my target. I began a post, but decided I didn't like the topic I'd chosen....and then I really found my creative juices fizzling at best, and just walked away from it. Tomorrow will be better.

After praying with my Darling, I had the kind of early-pregnancy day where I just had no energy. My Frog and I worked on a jigsaw puzzle we had begun yesterday. I read the paper and did the online Sudoku that I do nearly every day (because hey, if I mess that one up, I can just clear it and begin again!). I sent the children outside for some much-needed fresh air...and I think I may have dozed at some point, because I remember in some far corner of my brain that my Frog told my Monkey that he could snuggle with Mama when she woke up. I folded a few things from the laundry, but I still have to finish folding diapers.

Oh....speaking of diapers......We have a rule in our home regarding the door to the bathroom: it must be closed at all times unless someone is actually going through it. The reason is twofold. First of all, we have the Monkey, who, at two years old, loves anything and everything to do with water. He is quite capable of getting up on his step stool and turning on the faucet in the sink and mutching in the water to his little heart's content. Unfortunately, he will do this until the cows come home. Since we have no cows, this could be a rather long time.

Second of all, we have two dogs, one of whom is prone to It doesn't matter in the slightest if the diaper is wrapped tightly and firmly ensconced in the bottom of the garbage can (we use disposables at night and on diaper washing day, which was today). This dog will hunt that thing down and drag it to kingdom come to get at her perceived treasure. Oh, it's nasty. And this is what I walked in to about twenty minutes ago: an open bathroom door and a diaper strewn from one end of the bathroom to the other. Up until now, though I've been battling the Nausea Bug, I have not wretched even once, and I really don't intend to do so on account of my dog, for Pete's sake. I knew immediately that I could not clean up this mess or I would lose the Battle with the Bug. I called upon my Knight in Shining Armor...and My Darling came in from his work on the outside of the house and cleaned it up for me because he loves me and is just that sweet! So although I remain victorious, it still smells bad in here. Candles notwithstanding, it Just Plain Stinks.

And then there's my appetite--all I want to eat is meatballs in sauce. Not with pasta. Just the meatballs. I've read that this is actually a good thing--that the more protein you eat, the less morning sickness you end up with. And for my views on the wisdom of that ridiculous moniker, see yesterday's entry. Anyway, I've been craving protein: meatballs, eggs with cheese, cottage cheese, fish, you name it. And of course, since I know that the baby needs those meatballs, I eat them. Sadly, though, I finished the last of the sauce for lunch. Time to go grocery shopping, I guess.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. In my optimism, I will just believe that the bathroom door will remain closed.....and I will continue to prevail, victorious in the Battle with the Bug!

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