Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mama Mary!

It's a gray, rainy day. It may or may not get up to 60 degrees. What a blessed relief! We need the rain, and the cooler weather we've had in the past week has been such a blessing. At this point, the only fans used are in the bedrooms to circulate air at night!

And the
feast day....what a day! Just listen:

I've included information about the Angelus
before, and that's the text used here. The choir is stunning, and makes this sound so reverent and beautiful...what a fitting tribute to Our Lady.

We celebrated this morning by making muffins, and then putting birthday candles in them and singing, "Happy birthday, Mama Mary!" several times (it's one of Monkey's favorite songs!).

Please keep the following prayers close to your heart today:

Dear M, who is so very young and inspiring, and who needs hip surgery to correct issues stemming from being in his wheelchair every day. We also pray for his family--for his parents who care for him so tenderly and love him so well, and for his siblings who show such patience and compassion for their brother.

Dear H, who is fighting a true spiritual battle between right and wrong, good and evil in her quest to become a midwife. She has been attacked for simply stating the truth in regards to life and the teaching of the Church, in defense of lies spoken about by those who have no catechetical background whatsoever.

All women, who bear the incredible dignity in their very souls, having been created by God in such a beautiful way--and especially for the vocations of all women and their acceptance thereof.

Especially for all mothers, who have known the pure joy of carrying a soul, created by God, nourished by her, and brought forth in love.

And most especially for the mothers who do not recognize the miracle that is life.

May God bless each and every one of us, and if it be His will, may He grant us even a sliver of the favor He bestowed on Mama Mary.


Monica Rose Freng said...


happy feast day! But I think I can help with the youtube embedding issue.

MamaMidwife said...

Ok, now you're going to make me cry.

Thanks for the wonderful thoughts and prayers.