Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Official....

We've comfortably settled into a great routine. The kids get up, they do their morning tasks, they eat their breakfast and clear their places, and then they settle into schoolwork. This morning we began with English. Although not a single, solitary sentence has been diagrammed since late Spring, the Frog fell right into pace with it. She did about five minutes' worth of review, and then promptly remembered what she needed to. The Pickle was dealing with pronouns (singular? Plural?) and he did just as well as the Frog. Reepicheep, loving English the way she does, did English yesterday as a "bonus" lesson (yep; she's one of those!), so she did Math today. Out of four pages, only two answers were wrong. Impressive!

Even the Monkey is responding well: he knows that when Brother and Sisters are bent over their books, it's time to play with his toys in the area affectionately known around here as "Monkeyland." He makes block towers and lets his Brown Monkey knock them down. He works with his puzzles. He puts his vast collection of brightly colored duckies into circles or squares or rhombuses (rhombi?). He plays with his Pooh-in-the-Box. He's a good boy! He's very patient, and his patience has been rewarded. Today is soggy and rainy, so recess is upstairs. I think Legos may be involved.


We have set the date for the Bean's baptism! It is on the calendars of our wonderful friends, Msgr. H. and Fr. E. and Teresa, thanks be to God.

It will be a stand-alone occasion rather than a Mass. While I'm a little sad about this, I'm not nearly as sad as I was earlier. I know that the day we've chosen will be a grand celebration, because the people we know and love (and who know and love us!) will be there with us--and the baptism is what counts, for Pete's sake. It could be just us and the Bean's godparents anywhere at any time, but we've been blessed to have such wonderful people supporting us and loving this baby, and it will be at such a grand time in the liturgical year--The Octave of Christmas, Indeed!--with such fine people surrounding us in a place we know and love! God smiles on us and provides each of our needs in turn, as always. We are so richly blessed!

It's good to have things settled, date-wise. Now I can start planning everything else. I love that the church will still look and smell like Christmas. I'm sure that the meal will be scrumptious. The company will be pleasant. The conversations will be savored. And, God willing, everything will be Just Right.

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