Saturday, August 30, 2008

And the verdict is.....

....We are indeed transverse, for Pete's sake.

It's fine--it's only August, and chances are the little Bean will decide to move around well in time for a lovely birth. Even if it doesn't, I know that we can utilize the tried and true Webster Technique to ensure a head-down position.

Our visit with Chris was lovely, of course. We got the grand tour of the new house, purchased by Chris and a few others who are working together to provide medical care for an area in sore need of affordable health care (many Amish, lots of low-income). There is a physician (whom we met yesterday--she's lovely, of course!) who is living in the house, Chris, a naturopath, and a massage therapist who will all be working out of the house. Chris has a very nice little room for her appointments, with another little room off to the side where she has brought most of her birth equipment (she has a hospital bed, a bassinet, and lots of other spiffy things) which used to be kept in her home for women who wanted a home birth atmosphere but not the set-up and clean-up going on in their own home.

She was able to find the little one's heartbeat after much seeking--seems we have a hider on our hands! I'm absolutely befuddled as to whether we will be continuing our pattern of Girl-Boy-Girl-Boy or breaking it. Sometimes the heart rate can give it away, but this one goes from the 120's up into the 160's, so it's no help at all.

After lots of palpating around to try to discern head from tails, Chris noticed that I had a couple of contractions right there...and several more on the way home and then in the hot bath didn't calm my nerves any. So bed rest is pretty much here for the time being.

My grandmother is whispering in my ear, "God's timing is perfect, and you just have to be patient and wait to see what He has planned." Grandma is so wise......and it's well-earned, what with her 93rd birthday approaching. God bless her sweet heart.

I guess I am looking forward to having the time on my hands to make a quilt, as I have for each of my babies, and perhaps a few embroidered bibs. I am really trying to keep my chin up here. Even after yesterday's entry, with all my optimism and "I can do it!" thinking, I am still a little sad. I think that despite the big talk, I was still in a bit of denial about it, and I was so hoping that my body would cooperate for once. I suppose that in it's own way, it is--by showing me what I need to do in order to nurture this little one.

There's a parade in my hometown today that I will be missing, along with one of the best craft fairs around...and more garage sales than I could ever hope to hit. I'll be staying home.

Maybe I'll get started on that quilt.


Carrie said...

What would I do if I was on bed rest? Read books. Make rosaries. Blog more often. Drink wine. Eat goat cheese. Ok, so don't drink wine, but the rest ...

MamaMidwife said...

When you need company I am only a block away. i can bring my new little babe and you can dream about how wonderful it will be when yours arrives.