Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So.....I've been a little busy.

I'll write the full story later, because I'm still working on processing it all................

...............but my little Applelumpkin--who is now called my little Gingersnap--arrived into my arms at 2:34 AM on Monday, January 31. She was precicely 36 weeks, 4 days cooked.

Gingersnap measured an incredible 20 inches long, and weighed only 5 pounds, 4 ounces. She's a tiny little thing!

I am falling maddly in love with her with every passing second.....
We are fit and hale and healthy, and working on learning how to get the milkies to increase the pudge.

The big kids, which now includes the Cuppie (!!), are all in love with her, too. Everyone clamors around for the most part, wanting their turn at holding her. Cuppie checks in regularly, including in the dark of night, wanting to count Gingersnap's little toes. Squash keeps smooching her nose "so it doesn't get empty." Reepicheep is like a helicopter, hovering and grinning. Pickle has held her all of twice--I think he's afraid that he'll drop her or squish her or something along those lines. And the Frog, who LOVES school, was happy to miss it on Monday, sad to go on Tuesday, and thrilled that she has a snow day today, on account of the gigantic blizzard we're in the middle of.

Thanks be to God!


Heather said...

She is adorable and so precious. Congrats!

Papa K said...

Very beautiful. Congratulations.