Friday, August 6, 2010

Changing and unchanging

The unchanging:

Things are still putrid concerning Major Pukey. He is using all of his most effective weapons...and I am reduced to Carnation Instant Breakfast for most of my calories. I gotta say, of course I realize the blessing of this beautiful life growing within, and of course I am unendingly thankful--but for Pete's sake, it's tricky to keep that point of view with scarcely 500 calories a day, nurturing this new life, and still nursing my Cuppie. My least favorite is that lately everything I drink leaves a metallic-sweet aftertaste in my mouth......this does not bode well with the liquid calories I've been needing, for lack of anything else.


The changing:

We have purchased the Frog's school uniform. The clothing comes from Land's End, which is of notoriously superb quality. Many years ago, the Frog received a Land's End footed lasted us through the Frog, the Pickle and the Reepicheep. We ended up cutting the feet off only because after 3 children and 6 years of wear, the toes finally started giving out--and the Reepicheep still wanted to wear them, even after her feet were pushing through the ends. Suffice it to say, we bought things as they were on sale, and I have no doubt that they will last a good, long time.

The Frog and I attended a school meeting the other night which was an introduction to cross country. When I received the call about it last week, I assured the mom/coach that I would be "making" the Frog run, because I think it's important to at least give it a try. When I told the Frog, she rolled her eyes, teenager-style, and said, "Well, who else is running?" I told her the one child I thought would be, and then said, "So at least you'll have one friend you know of." When we got to the meeting, her enthusiasm immediately sky-rocketed upon seeing the students in the room whom she knew. At this very moment, she is out running with My Darling, working on her pre-season work outs. They ran last night and this morning as well, and will be running every day until the season begins--and then probably at least 2 or 3 times a week together. She has discovered, much like soccer, that she likes it very much.


And that's the changing and the unchanging. I have had so little energy of late, and though My Darling instructs me to, "...just be patient and let that baby grow and don't worry about the house," I still feel guilty for letting some things pile up the way they do. I am eternally grateful for the help from my children. Mostly they are uncomplaining, and mostly they are readily obedient, and always they end up doing the things that I need done. I have much to be thankful for, and I am aware of God's constant outpouring of blessings on me, unworthy though I am.

Please continue to pray for Sarah and AJ as they patiently await the birth of little Pip...we are all waiting for you, little one!!

Rejoice with me in the birth of the second daughter of Monica and Ryan...she is a beautiful baby and so blessed by the abundant love around her!!

And please continue to pray for all those who suffer in any way, body, mind and soul, from the pains which we cannot see with our eyes. Monsignor once spoke of them as the Unseen Hurts that we all carry with us.

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