Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All my trials......

I promised my friend ~H that I would give her something to link to regarding apologetics. This is not that post. :)

I am just feeling so blessed to be back in the choir that I've been singing with for a few years now, and there's a piece that we're singing that I did with my choir wwwwwwwwwaaaaaayyyyyy back in high school. Our Chamber Singers group tackled just about every genre available for choirs, and we did spirituals very well. This is one of my favorites. We're not doing this arrangement....but I just couldn't resist posting it in hopes that it will bless each of you as it did me.

I am surprised by the warmth of the day; the SEVENTY DEGREE warm up from barely a month ago is nice, and the kids are rollerblading and drawing with chalk on the driveway. At the end of the week it'll all be covered in snow. The sunshine has served to lift spirits and sleeves, for Pete's sake, and we are definitely taking advantage!!

Please keep in your prayers all the little babies being held by their Mamas, whether in their hearts, their wombs, or their arms.

Please pray especially for a dear friend of mine who has just been admitted to the hospital for the remaining three months (hopefully) of her pregnancy, and for her dear little baby--a boy. Pray also for her husband, who I am sure will be rather stressed as well.

Please pray for God's will in the lives of the P family, whose little boy is hovering on the brink of abysmal health.....and for peace in their hearts to accept what blessings come their way, in whatever way God sends them.

May we each remember that our trials will indeed soon be over...and we never know from one moment to the next just how soon that may be.

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Carrie said...

Every single thing in your time, O Lord!