Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back to......normal?

........though I'm not really sure just what constitutes normal anymore.

For the past few months, "normal" meant that I was on my pseudo-bed in the living room, directing traffic and chores, correcting schoolwork, quilting or embroidering, reading, and getting familiar with the remote control.

Then came the Snuggle Bug. For the past two weeks, there really hasn't been a "normal," so to speak. I only say this because you can't really count close friends losing a child, closely followed by a major holiday as being in the spectrum of normalcy. Life, yes, but not normal life.

And in between, there are sleepless nights spent with a baby who seems to think that dancing around the milk with her tiny, opened mouth is the way to get milk rather than Just Latching On Already. There are countless diaper changes (many of which are just so comical--such a great reminder of how little control we really have in this life!) and the realization that sometimes you really have to give in and turn on the lamp, even at 2 in the morning, just so you can gaze on the soft beauty and perfection that a healthy new baby brings into a family.

And what happens when you spend hours on your feet a mere week after the birth of a child? Your body lets you know that you shouldn't have, that's what.

And so it has.

And rather alarmingly, to boot.

So "normal" has returned, in the form of midwife-ordered REST, for Pete's sake.

Now, still coming to you via the trusty laptop, I am now ensconced in another nest. This one is more comfortable (it being my deliciously cozy bed), and includes a bedside table not filled with a rainbow of flosses, but with diapers and wipes (we no longer need the alcohol and cotton swabs, since my Little Bug now has an Official Belly Button!), burp rags and apricot oil. I also have, of course, my assortment of books (I'm starting in on the Mitford series again...) and plenty of room for my eternal glass of ice water.

And of course, my nest now also includes One Small Girl, with beautiful eyes, a perfect tiny mouth, soft, sweet cheeks and unbelievably adorable newborn grunts and squeaks.

I still plan to attend the First Friday events tomorrow, and of course Sunday Mass is a must. But the trips grocery shopping with the family (last week) and the other incidental shopping that must be done for things like diapers and wipes and the like must be done by someone other than me for the time being.


But you know, everything in perspective.......................normal for me still means that I have my vibrantly healthy children surrounding me; that I have a husband who more-than-capably provides for our family (and does so cheerfully into the bargain!), loves me and our children dearly and serves us all so very well; that I have a warm home surrounding me and nourishing food set before me. And miraculously, I have the gentle blue-gray eyes of a newborn daughter gazing at me in complete and utter innocence, learning about what Mama is all about, and learning that every need she has will be fulfilled.

And yesterday and today, My Darling has very kindly taken three of the five with him to the shop (yesterday the Frog, the Pickle and the the Frog, The Reepicheep and the Monkey). He's left me with a Helper and a Helpless, and the result has been very quiet, restful time with the baby and the one left to lend a hand...and time that the older ones get to spend with their Mama and baby sister. It's been lovely.

Normal is rather comfortable, no matter if I can be out and about or not. Once again, I am reminded that I am so very well blessed, thanks be to God.

Normal is a good place to be.


Please keep in your prayers the Mamas who are still waiting, either for the conception or birth of a child.

Pray also for the mother-in-law of a dear friend whose cancer has returned and spread to her brain. She will be receiving radiation and chemo beginning in a few weeks and lasting for a few weeks. Timing-wise, this encompasses the time which includes my dear friend's due date.....

Pray, please, for the humility which should be so abundant this time of year and which always seems to be just a little elusive. (It is for me anyway....perhaps not so much for others.)


Heather said...

So glad to read a post from you again. I was wondering when you would have the time to post again with your new little one. Sorry to hear of the loss in your friend's life. Take it easy and enjoy visiting Mitford.

Jenni said...

Aw, laura, you seem very humble to me! But I understand that it is never so much as we need to be...

I'm sorry to hear you had an alarming need to return to bed, but what a blessing to leave the household in such capable hands. I think of the Victorians, who used terms like "confinement" to refer to the time after having a baby. Seems pretty appropriate; maybe they knew more than we give them credit for!

Heal well, friend, and have fun soaking up that baby. *sigh*

+JMJ+ said...

Your baby is so beautiful, as is your writing.

Congratulations on little pumpkin. I still sometimes call my "baby" girl pumpkin pie. :)