Saturday, March 29, 2008

The First One

I guess this is the beginning. Genesis. The origin of musings yet to come.

I've been encouraged to begin launching my thoughts into cyberspace by several people, and have even begun once before only to fizzle into relative nothingness because I thought I didn't have anything to write about then. That was several years and one child ago, and perhaps I was just really too busy with three smallish children.

Now I'm busier. I'm a Catholic wife and homeschooling mom, and our family is involved with all kinds of activities...but with four children and one on the way, I really need a place to reflect, to connect, to find the timely wisdom that complete strangers can sometimes offer, and to use complete sentences with real grown-up words--and what a treat! Perhaps I'll receive nifty feedback or kind words or encouraging comments. One never knows.

So here I am. I hope to make a good run of it. Who knows? I might even have good stories from time to time.


Natalia said...

Happy blogging, Laura! Yay, I'm your very first commenter!!!! I LOVE your profile photo. Beautiful!

Jenni said...

Woo Hoo! You go, girl! Glad you launched...I think your blog will be a loverly place. The profile pic just about put me into labor, I think. ******SIGH****** Beautiful.

Mommy Matters said...

Hi! I can't wait to hear your stories! You do write well!!